Certification Graphic Recertification Guidelines


Please read the recertification guide thoroughly prior to filling out your application. You may upload continuing education certificates at your own pace by logging into the Certified Nurses Area. You will be notified of your recertification six months prior to your expiration.

In order to recertify you will need:

To make the recertification process as simple as possible, we recommend organizing your certificates with the following steps:

1 Create a file folder on your computer to store your approved CE / Contact hours and CMEs. For example folder: CPSN 2021 or CANS 2021.
2 Scan each certificates into your computer and save in this folder. As you scan each document into the folder, rename the file according to what the document is such as State Nursing License, Attestation, or Consideration of Muscle Depth for Botulinum Toxin Injections: A Three Dimensional Approach.
3 Once you are ready to complete your application you will enter the name of the supporting document. At the end of that entry line you will find a browse button. Use this to locate the folder and files you had previously created. Once you locate the corresponding document, you simply upload it and move on to the next line. Of course you may opt to enter all the specifics first, then go back and upload each corresponding document.
4 Review your entire application for completeness prior to submitting in order to avoid having it sent back to you for correction or additional information.