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CPSN Eligibility

At the time a nurse applies to sit for the certification exam, applicants must:

What to know when applying

1 Follow the directions in the application.
2 Once completed, send your application, supporting documentation and payment by US mail to C-NET (Center for Nursing Education and Testing)
3 For confirmation of receipt or to follow up on status of application, please contact C-NET at (201) 217-9083 or
4 C-NET will contact you via US mail two weeks prior to the exam stating your eligibility for the exam.
5 Two weeks prior to the exam, C-NET will mail you a permit with the date, time, and location for the exam. You may not take the exam without this permit. This permit will arrive via US mail.
6 After taking the exam, you will receive your results 4-6 weeks later via US mail.
7 Recertification is done every 3 years. You must meet all eligibility requirements in order to recertify.

Appeals Policy and Procedure Candidates who have been denied eligibility to sit for the exam, whose recertification is denied, and those whose certification is revoked have the right of appeal. Individuals wishing to request an appeal or reconsideration of a decision of the PSNCB must initiate the request for reconsideration within the time frame delineated in the reconsideration procedures.

  1. The candidate shall be informed of the right of appeal at the time of application for certification or recertification.
  2. The appeal must be submitted in writing via certified mail (or other traceable means) to the President of the Board within thirty days of notification of the action of the PSNCB. The request for reconsideration shall state the specific reasons for the appeal.
  3. Any cost associated with the appeal process will be the responsibility of the individual making the appeal.
  4. The appeal shall be heard by a special committee composed of two certified nurses appointed by the President of the PSNCB and one member of the PSNCB Board. The special committee shall make a recommendation on the appeal to the Board. The decision of the Board shall be final.
  5. The results of the special committee and ensuing Board action shall be documented. A permanent file of action by the special committee and the Board shall be established.
  6. The decision of the Board shall be communicated in writing to the candidate within 2-4 weeks.

Certification Examination & Other Fees

$325* ISPAN members (membership must be current)
$495* Non-members
$25 Nonrefundable Application Fee
$100 Late Application Fee

*Please note that $25 of the exam fee is non-refundable should an application be withdrawn in accordance with PSNCB policy.