Plastic Surgical Nursing Certification Board

Responsibilities to the Public and to Employers of Certified Nurses

PSNCB shall

1 Demonstrate that the testing mechanism(s) adequately measures the knowledge and skill required for entry, maintenance, and/or advancement in the profession.
2 Award certification and recertification only after the skill and knowledge of the individual have been evaluated and determined to be acceptable.
3 Periodically publish or maintain in an electronic format, a current list of those persons certified in the program(s) and have policies and procedures that delineate what information about a certificant may be made public and under what circumstances.
4 Have a formal policy and procedures for discipline of certificants, including the sanction or revocation of certification, for conduct deemed harmful to the public or inappropriate to the discipline (e.g., incompetence, unethical behavior, physical or mental impairment affecting performance). These procedures shall incorporate due process.
5 Demonstrate that any title or credential awarded for the certification program reflects the practitioners' daily occupational or professional duties and is not confusing to employers, consumers, regulators, related professions, and/or other interested parties. The following factors shall be considered in determining whether the practitioner title or credential complies with this criterion:
  • Educational background required by discipline
  • Function of discipline
  • Occupational and/or professional duties and breadth of these activities
  • Level of supervision by other practitioners, or of any other practitioners and
  • Various titles commonly used in the discipline or related disciplines