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Eligibility requirements for recertification and the rationales for those requirements are publicly available.
At the time that the CPSN, and later the CANS, were created, the PSNCB Board met and considered what would be required for test candidates, and used the ABSNC requirements as a basis for developing the application. They also looked within the specialty, to determine the specific rationale of what should be required for a candidate to sit for their initial examination, as well as what should be required for a candidate to recertify.

For training and number of hours required, the Board looked at the type of activities which a nurse would be required to perform in order to become proficient, considering the number of hours of activity per year. The criteria which were set was determined to be necessary to achieve the level of competency in order to sit for a certification examination. The practice analysis also was used in making determinations of criteria.
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Center for Nursing Education and Testing Update
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, standard procedures for exam dates and deadlines have been temporarily amended. Starting on February 15, 2021, C-NET will accept applications for this certification. C-NET is at work to convert this exam from paper and pencil to the Computer-Based Testing (CBT) format. We expect the exam to be available starting in April 2021. No deadlines or late fees shall apply for Computer-Based Testing, which will then be available year-round.

Be Advised: These testing procedures are subject to change in the future as the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.

There are presently 381 Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialists and 257 Certified Plastic Surgical Nurses who are certified by the PSNCB and maintain current certifications. Join their ranks by taking the first steps toward getting certified today.

CPSN/CANS Fake Test Booklets CPSN & CANS Exam Data 2019 & 2021
CPSN & CANS Exam Data 2019 & 2021
CPSN & CANS Exam Data
CPSN/CANS Fake Test Booklets PSNCB Certification Webinar
Becoming a Certified Nurse: What you need to know to get your CANS or CPSN Certification
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CPSN/CANS Fake Test Booklets CANS/CPSN Fake Test Booklets

It has come to our attention that these specific books are being sold on Amazon. These are NOT CREATED, NOR ENDORSED by PSNCB and are NOT RECOMMENDED to be used to prep for the exams.
Nurse Plastic Surgery (CPSN): Specialty Review and Self-Assessment
Nurse Plastic Surgery (CPSN): Board and Certification Practice Test
Plastic Surgery (CPSN) Certification Review